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Office Manager

Samantha is a native Pacific Northwesterner, born in Bellingham, Washington and raised in Keizer, Oregon.  Prior to managing the MOA office, she was a work-at-home mom of three boys, having owned several businesses in Aloha.  She enjoys the family vibe at the firm, playing “house mom” to the appraisers and assistants.  In her free time, Samantha can be found crafting or volunteering in the community.  She and her husband Chuck have worked closely with Aloha High School and Youth Football since 2006, serving as members of the Board of Directors for several years.  

First job: Copy girl at the City of Keizer

Local Favorites
Favorite local/Portland Restaurant:  Chizu
Favorite area in Oregon/SW Washington to enjoy the outdoors: Hiking the urban jungle of downtown Portland
Favorite area in Oregon/SW Washington to chill out:  Oregon Coast
Favorite hole-in-the wall: BGs Food Cartel

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